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Experts in event and function catering with 50 years of experience.


Catering to the culinary needs of large groups of people is both a science and an art.  

It requires high level of skill in planning and preparation, communication, food safety and quality.

This is the Art

Such skills are born of long experience to create both efficiency and presentation that makes your clients want to come back for more. The staff at The Mobile Catering Company has over 50 years of experience in doing exactly that.

This is the science

It also requires healthy and tasty food presented properly, on time, at the right temperature, and with a smile.

The Complete Catering Experience



Event Catering

Have an event that needs to be memorable? Ask about our years of experience in Event Catering.

Food Delivery

We would love to deliver hot or cold prepared food to your office, event or home.

Equipment Hire

Need a marquee, tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery or a dance floor? Look no further!



Fully equipped to cater for up to 1000 people in a single event The Mobile Catering Company can provide you with:  

  • Delivery of high quality, healthy food to your venue or full service events complete with tables, chairs, decoration and kitchen and service staff.

  • Registered static and mobile food preparation kitchens maintained to high OH&S standards

  • Highly trained, qualified and efficient food preparation staff.

  • Specialised food preparation and transport vehicles.

  • Our own substantial stock of tables, chairs and all delivery equipment and crockery and cutlery as required.

  • Highly trained and scalable staff for food preparation, delivery and service staff if and when required. All staff hold a minimum Food Handling Certificate and undergo special training in Enhanced Communication with Clients to ensure a safe and happy experience for your clients. Your clients and event attendees will want to come back for more!

  • Options to cater for specific cultural and food preference requirements.

  • Redundant service capacity in event of power failures at critical times.
    With all bases covered you can expect a proven highly efficient function delivery system designed to suit YOUR specific needs.